Brock Mergist

Chief Operating Officer
National security & global operations expert

Brock is a national security and global operations specialist with 20 years of honorable service as a decorated U.S. Army Special Forces and Special Missions Unit combat veteran. He is also a serial entrepreneur who co-founded a commercial real estate company.

His military career began two days after 9/11, when Brock volunteered for the infantry. Before completing basic training, he joined the Green Berets, completing the Special Forces Qualification Course. He was assigned to the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), then volunteered for a Special Missions Unit and spent the next 14 years there, until honorably retiring from the organization and the U.S. Army in late 2021.

During his military career, he deployed in support of combat operations to several countries, many states within the U.S., and six continents for training operations. Additionally, he completed two U.S. Embassy tours working with the U.S. interagency and country teams. Throughout his career, Brock attended many military and civilian schools. He served as an Acquisitions Director for Counter Drone Research and Development, Team Leader on a Sniper Team and Special Missions Team, Team Member/Operator on Assault Teams, and a Senior and Junior Bravo on a Special Forces Operational Detachment (Alpha).

In late 2020, Brock and his business partner co-founded Aquilla Multifamily, an apartment syndication company. He began a career in commercial real estate not only to provide financial freedom to himself and his family, but to give back to his Special Forces brothers by helping them build wealth through investing and improving their financial literacy.