Risk Mitigation

We’re among the nation’s
top risk mitigation specialists

Our advisors and consultants have served in the top tiers of U.S. national security, law
enforcement, and foreign affairs. We provide global and domestic expertise in multinational
and high-profile government and political engagements, global security, global risk mitigation,
mission decomposition, and infrastructure threat assessment and protection.

Not understanding exactly where your risks lie — both strategic and tactical — can bring your entire operation to a halt."

Brock Mergist, Greentech Chief Operating Officer

Cyber and data security

By aligning your strategy with the industry’s highest standards from the International Organization for Standardization, National Institute of Science and Technology Cybersecurity Framework, and others, we improve management and reduce cybersecurity risk.

Threat intelligence

To safeguard your company, we design and implement layered, Defense-in-Depth strategies focused on customizable models, such as Zero Trust, and effective automated response strategies.

Physical security

Our experts will provide you with a solid plan to protect your infrastructure, assets, and critical personnel. We will help you ensure a continuity of operations no matter what challenges arise.


To reduce adversarial malware and ransomware and restore critical systems quickly, we utilize improved network segmentation and backup processes.

Audit and compliance

For Information Technology networks, we provide automated vulnerability scanning and penetration testing with quarterly internal, external, wireless, and web application testing. For Operational Technology networks, also called Industrial Control Systems, we employ passive and non-passive network captures to evaluate your system configuration and identify any vulnerabilities.

Reputation and crisis management

We protect one of your most valuable assets — your reputation — with issues management, 24/7 monitoring and analysis, and crisis management that includes stimulations and training for anticipated threats.