Advisory that puts you
on the front line of opportunity

We develop custom strategies that address both short and long-term needs. We’ll identify existing paths, create new ones, and remove obstacles. We maximize opportunity and pave the way for our clients’ mission success. Our engagements result in a better understanding by industry, interagency personnel, and lawmakers of how to support the raw materials supply chain.

unparalleled access

Along with facilitating key leader engagements with state, local, and federal government officials, we track and report on policy decisions, legislation, and committee hearings to determine your best possible avenues forward.

Discovering strategic insights

Our proprietary analytics on publicly available data uncover deep insights. This greatly increases your ability to shape a message that influences audiences in the ways you intend.

Navigating state and federal policies

We specialize in the formation, integration, and expansion of local, state, federal, and international government relations strategies. From lobbying for appropriations to drafting bills and gathering information, we help you navigate the ever-changing policy world.

Securing financing

We identify the best local, state, and federal funding for your endeavor and help you secure it. We also advise you on options including grants, lending, loan guarantees, and debt and equity financing through sources such as the U.S. Export-Import Bank and Development Finance Corporation. We have access to private funding sources as well.

Enhancing reputations

Today, 75% of the average corporation’s value is intangible — and reputation is a major part of this. We can build and enhance yours, leading to greater stakeholder value through increased trust and awareness as well as higher morale and productivity.