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We provide a unique combination of private sector, military, congressional and executive branch experience that inform and shape global supply chain policy.

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Our proven track record includes engaging with U.S. allies and partner nations to inform and influence top policymakers at the state, local, federal, and international levels. We have a unique approach to assisting our clients because we’ve been there before. We worked within the system for decades on Capitol Hill and within the interagency and private sectors. We know how to make effective policy changes because we know what the interagency can do, and what Congress must do to help.

Securing critical materials for 21st -century technology

The U.S. is far behind in both raw materials production and processing. More must be done immediately. Unfortunately, much of the oxygen is being taken out of the room in the effort to electrify our vehicles and create more “green energy.” The fact is, rare earths aren’t rare, and although critical minerals are incredibly hard to find, we have both in abundance in the U.S. Our nation hasn’t opened a new mine in nearly 40 years, nor do we have domestic refining capabilities. We must secure these raw materials abroad until our domestic resources are permitted to be developed.

Access to capital

We secure financing from both public and private sources. As a direct result of our engagements and involvement, we have changed the federal government’s approach to Defense Production Act authority, Development Finance Corporation business practices, and the Export-Import Bank’s lending. Our recent experience has proven to us that financing the global supply chain is overly complicated and in order for U.S. and allied partners to overcome China’s dominance we must leverage public and private financing.

Becoming independent again

Global conflict, the pandemic, and the over-reliance on the Chinese for raw materials extraction and production has created multiple challenges: fuel prices are skyrocketing, food is becoming scarce in many parts of the world, and little is being done to address the fact that the U.S. was completely unprepared for supply chain disruption. Our nation is rich and abundant in resources and we must develop them to secure our future.

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